About us

We are a Pune based entity constantly trying to simplify and improve the quality of LIFE, by enabling FIT and FINE lifestyle of the community we operate in. Ratibpal platform is an endeavour to digitize your daily needs, where the platform transparently connects consumers with suppliers, reducing the complexity in daily need management, opening up the entire new world of digital channel at your fingertip. Discover how you can simplify your daily needs.

Why RatibPal ?

Sonal Sharma just moved to Hinjawadi, Pune from Bangalore. She was wondering how she can get connected with the local doodh wala to start the very next day. Also as she is moving towards a ‘healthy lifestyle’ she would like to know whether there are any suppliers who can get her fresh aloe vera juice on daily basis along with fresh wheat bread. Sonal makes frequent visit to her ailing parents in Bangalore. She would like to inform her suppliers every time she is going out of town to not supply her daily needs. It is becoming complex for Sonal and her supplier to manage the same on a month on month basis to keep track of the monthly dues. How can Sonal help herself? Sonal just figured out RatibPal is her virtual ‘Pal’ for the same!

The team



with 17+ years of IT experience, in service delivery management and sales across industries and across geographies India, US, UK, EU and Japan. Having got a broader starting experience with a niche startup for 4 years, lastly he was associated with India’s leading IT company for 13 years and managed key business units.


A seasoned technology leader with 26+ experience in information technology in the area of Data services, Media and Entertainment, Telecommunication Systems, Mobile Commerce. He has led pioneering business models using cutting edge technologies.


with 17+ years of leadership experience in Telecom Customer Services, he is a seasoned professional with proven performance, result orientation and track record of turning around units’ business performance. He is adept in customer relationship management, key accounts management, retentions, risk management, client servicing, business development, team leadership and competency development.


with 17+ years of leadership experience in Telecom and Business Process Services, he is a seasoned professional with proven performance, result orientation and track record of setting up and operating Contact Center for retail customers.


has 16+ years of work experience, including 10+ years leadership at captive BFSI, IT, KPO industries. He has managed corporate func- tions like HR, Finance, Administration, Procurement, Audits manage- ment and BCP/DR. Lastly worked as Vice President for a Pvt. Ltd. Company, he is expert in office set-up, company policy drafting, ad ministration and implementation.

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