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Fine lifestyle

Everyone has 24 hours. Prioritise and allocate right time everyday for work, yourself, family and environment.

Domestic help, lets you get an extra bit, to balance those 4 quadrants



Maid or butler, to cook your breakfast, lunch, dinner or just assisting with preparation / roti making.



Maid or butler to keep your sweet home / office, neat and tidy.



Get on your sparkling clean vehicle and start with a smile to the great day.


Most hassle-free day-to-day services management

transparently connecting consumers with suppliers.

With your needs in mind, RatibPal is designed to provide convenience and comfort right at your doorstep, everyday.


Add your supplier once

  • Enter name, number of your existing supplier
  • The supplier will get a SMS to download the Supplier app
  • If supplier is using simple feature phone, he can still use platform through our Customer Service
  • Now you are almost relieved of marking your wall calendar and making phone calls to supplier

Maid / butler planned off?

  • See the suppliers’ unavailability and avoid surprises just when you needed the assistance most
  • No last minute checks if supplier is coming or not
  • Guests or festival preparations are better planned now

You are away?

  • Travel preparations are easier with few less phone calls to your suppliers
  • Just tap on the date and cancel individual or all ratibs
  • No calls, no sms trails and no empty visits for your suppliers

Precise salary

  • Regular attendances are auto-tracked
  • The offs marked by you or supplier are maintained
  • At end of the month, offs auto counted and deduction marked from salary
  • If supplier compensated off with other extra work done for, just tap to waive off deduction


All supplies… one pay

  • Ah, the month went by so hassle-free. Now do I need to arrange cash for paying the salaries ?
  • Well, payments are also hassle-free. Just a transaction with your familiar netbanking or UPI mode
  • Not just one supplier, you can pay all of them in a single transaction
  • And know what, its so convenient and safe for maid / butler also. You made the salary safe to reach her bank and increased the saving probability. For them the cash in hand is as good as rain water in hand

Are you a maid / butler looking to expand your services ?

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