Technology power for you

transparently connecting consumers with suppliers.

With your needs in mind, RatibPal is designed to save your operations cost and to get you more customers

1. Once


Register your area of operation

  • Select your office / home location
  • Enter the distance in which you can provide service

Register your products / service

  • Enter the daily needs products, you can deliver to customers with your delivery charge, delivery time OR
  • Enter the service you can provide to customers with your salary expectation

Add your existing customers

  • Enter name, number of your existing customer
  • The customer will get a SMS to download the Consumer app
  • Now you are almost relieved of maintaining your register and manual management

2. Daily


Precise Daily orders

  • Just tap on My ratibs and view the count of inventory needed for the day – See the customer wise changes and manage delivery
  • No calls, no sms trails, no wastage of supplies and unnecessary visit to customer

3. Monthly


Automated billing

  • Regular deliveries are auto-tracked
  • The quantity changes / offs marked by you or consumers are maintained
  • At end of the month, a precise bill is generated by system avoiding human errors and sent to Consumer App


Automated collection

  • Ah, the month went by so smooth. Now do I need to arrange cash collection?
  • Well, simply enter your bank account on the app. It is not shared with anyone.
  • Customers make online payment and the App automatically route it to your bank account
  • So convenient and safe for You. No travel for collection, no cash carrying risk


More business

  • People can contact you directly for new Ratib needs
  • Pursue your further dreams with saved time, more business, more profits
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